Business Law

Our business law practice group is focused on providing strategic legal advice to clients consistent with their business objectives, representing clients in transactions and agreements, and, through our litigation practice, serving as legal counsel in litigation. We help businesses in the early stages of formation, and provide advice and representation for a variety of legal matters as they grow.

Our clients range from new businesses to long-established multi-million dollar corporations, including construction companies, professional service companies, auto dealerships, and healthcare providers.   We serve as general counsel for several businesses and organizations and, in this capacity, we advise on nearly all aspects of legal matters affecting their operations.

We seek to learn about each client’s business, objectives, and operations so that we can provide directed advice on a moment’s notice when necessary.  Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with all clients and become a trusted legal resource.

Start-Up and Corporate Governance Matters

We advise new businesses on the choice of entity, considering ownership, tax, and financing matters, and prepare and file the necessary formation documents.  We also document capitalization, equity ownership, and management appointment.

We add value by leading owners through the consideration and resolution of potential business issues, such as future financing, intractable owner conflicts, and rights between owners to purchase shares upon certain events. Resolution of these issues is usually set forth in operating, partnership, or shareholder agreements.   We also advise businesses on legal statutory compliance requirements and corporate governance matters, and serve companies in board and shareholder meetings upon request.

Ongoing Legal Advice

As businesses grow, we provide transactional representation in matters such as significant asset purchases and divestitures, financing agreements, sales agreements, and leases.  We additionally draft internal agreements, such as employment agreements and confidentiality agreements.  Our Real Estate practice group provides clients with advice and transactional representation on a variety of real estate matters, such as real estate acquisition and construction.

Through our Employment Law practice group, we advise clients on human resource matters, including hiring, retention, and termination matters, and compliance with Federal and Washington State employment laws.  Our Employment Practice also assists clients with the development and implementation of employee policies and procedures.

Often companies seek to acquire new businesses.  In these matters our representation is focused on minimizing risk to our clients, and in furthering strategic business objectives.