Family Law

We represent clients in divorce, child support and parenting arrangements, property distribution matters, post-dissolution issues, and pre-marital agreements. We focus on helping clients achieve the best results possible given their circumstances through negotiation, creative problem-solving, mediation and, where necessary, court intervention.

Bellevue and Kirkland Area Divorce Lawyers – We Understand Your Concerns

We understand anxiety inherent in a divorce, which is accompanied by major life changes and for those with children, uncertainty about parenting time. We provide strength and support to our clients and the peace of mind that comes from having a strong advocate.

We carefully explain divorce laws and rights to our clients to help them understand their options and develop a plan for resolution. Most clients prefer a quick, cost-effective agreement to resolve their disputes instead of engaging in protracted court battles. We strive to assist them in reaching equitable agreements when possible. Being an effective advocate, however, also requires an ability to identify those situations where amicable agreement is not an option. When that happens, we are ready to argue our clients’ claims in court.

Achieving Client Goals Often Requires Creativity and Experience

Achieving desired results often requires creative problem-solving and strategic negotiation skills, particularly when deadlocks occur. We recognize the importance of helping clients identify the matters and objectives that are the most important to them, and then focusing on achieving these objectives. Knowing our clients – and knowing what matters most to them – is the key to successful negotiating.

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