We represent clients in nearly every type of litigation matter that they may face. For businesses, we are experienced in complex litigation, which often involves many parties and complex legal and procedural matters. In every case we focus on understanding the objectives of our clients, and developing and implementing strategies in furtherance of their objectives.

Our firm has represented clients in litigation matters for nearly 80 years. We provide a full spectrum of litigation representation for businesses, individuals, and organizations, including:

  • Employment contract breaches, including those involving confidentiality non-competition, and trade secret matters
  • Business contract disputes
  • Real estate disputes, such as boundary matters
  • Construction claims, including disputes involving performance and workmanship, non-payment, defective design, and defective materials
  • Surety claims
  • Vendor disputes, including those concerning purchases and sales of goods and services
  • Personal injury matters
  • Architectural and design matters
  • Judgment collection

Our Complex Litigation Experience

Complex litigation may be thought of as cases involving multiple parties, complex legal issues and procedural matters, and substantial money at stake. Our attorneys have represented clients in many complex litigation matters. Recently, we successfully obtained a $57 million verdict against the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services arising out of the underpayment of approximately 22,000 home healthcare workers over a four year period.

As experienced Washington complex litigation lawyers, we have the knowledge in how to represent the interests of clients in large litigation matters.

Working With Clients to Achieve Litigation Goals

We believe that litigation strategies should always be developed consistent with client objectives. Often, clients will prefer implementing strategies designed to result in early resolution of legal matters on favorable terms rather than a strategy focused on prevailing at trial.

Regardless of the strategy, achieving favorable results through settlement or trial almost always is the result of meticulous preparation. We advance the cases of our clients by detailed fact-finding through interrogatories, depositions, and, where applicable, witness and expert interviews. We analyze how the law applies to such facts. We focus on building a strong case for our clients early, so that we can leverage, if desired, a strong position into a favorable settlement.

If a favorable settlement does not result, our strategy becomes trial-focused. We understand what is at stake for our clients, and we work tirelessly in pursuing strategies to prevail for our clients.