DSHS’ Failure to Pay Judgment Costing Washington Taxpayers Nearly $19,000 Per Day (over $571,000 per month)

This week two Seattle stations covered the story of DSHS’s failure to pay a judgment from Washington’s Supreme Court.

Earlier this year the Washington State Supreme Court affirmed a judgment for over $57 million against Washington’s Department of Social and Health Services for back pay owed to in-home healthcare workers.  To date, DSHS has failed to pay this judgment.  Not only should these workers be paid the money they’re owed, but the interest on this debt is now accumulating at a rate of about $19,000 per day.

To see local media articles and videos on the case from the week of November 24, 2014, please click the following links:

KIROTV – Unpaid lawsuit causing state taxpayers nearly $19,000 per day

KOMO News – State delay in lawsuit payment costing taxpayers $571k a month

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