Faces of the Foundation: David and Gail Alskog

This article is from the LWSF Spring 2014 Newsletter.

Gail and David Alskog


David and Gail Alskog have lived in Kirkland since 1985, and although their two children are now grown, they fondly remember the days when their kids’ schools, Lakeview Elementary, Kirkland Junior High and Lake Washington High School, were the center of their lives. According to David, in Lake Washington schools, his children “gained a strong foundation that served them both well in college, graduate schools and their careers.  Our continuing support of the Foundation is one small way that we can ´pay it forward.´”

David sees the benefits of community support for education from the perspective of both an individual and a businessman.  As a Founder’s Circle member, his law firm, Livengood Alskog, helped the Foundation get its start in 2005 and has been general legal counsel to Lake Washington School District for almost 40 years.  David served as a Foundation trustee from 2011 to 2013.

He and his wife Gail continue to support and donate to the Foundation because they “believe that a strong and healthy community is one that fully supports its children, their education, and the schools they attend.”

As a community business, Livengood Alskog understands that a good education is the strongest factor in a student’s future success and is perhaps the most important investment a community can make in its future.

According to David, “Our state prisons are overcrowded and sadly occupied with high school drop-outs.  Our law firm supports the Foundation as it impacts students through grants, tutoring, personal contact, and innovative learning programs, such as the Signature Programs in global health, engineering and environmental sciences, all key areas for our future survival and well-being.”

Lake Washington Schools Foundation is fortunate to have the support of community leaders like David and Gail Alskog.  Their involvement makes a difference to our kids and to the quality of our community.


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