Livengood Alskog Partner David Seeley’s Family Honored by The University of Washington for Environmental Philanthropy and Supporting Former Screen Legend’s Mission

This month David Seeley, a firm partner and his family were honored in Columns – The University of Washington Alumni Magazine for their environmental philanthropy efforts in seeking to preserve a pristine and remote atoll in French Polynesia called Tetiaroa.

This atoll was once owned by Hollywood legend Marlon Brando.  As his general counsel, Mr. Seeley first became vested with overseeing legal matters associated with the atoll, and from there, he developed a strong personal interest in the atoll’s preservation.

Soon, his personal interest in preserving the atoll became shared by other members of his family.  Now, David, his two siblings (like David, also UW alums), and his parents have taken a keen interest in financially supporting the UW marine research at a field station on Tetiaroa, where UW students can develop a better understanding of healthy marine ecosystems in the face of global climate change.

To learn more about the Seeley’s family support of Tetiaroa, please see this article.

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