Livengood Firm Attorney Welcomed by Diplomatic Minister For Tetiaroa Atoll Preservation Efforts

Tetiaroa Society The Minister of Marine Resources, Mines and research, Tearii ALPHA met, Tuesday, February 25, with representatives of the “Tetiaroa Society” Hinano BAGNIS, President and CEO, and David J. Seeley, American lawyer representing donors of the organization.  “Tetiaroa Society” is a non-profit organization whose goal is to promote the preservation of the atoll of Tetiaroa through programs of scientific research and educational outreach. preservation lagoon on the atoll, the organization wants to put up with the agreement of the French Polynesia and users of the lagoon has been the subject of discussions lighthouse. The possibility of creating a fisheries restricted area was raised, the terms thereof being defined with professional fishermen and authorities Arue while allowing fishing around the atoll. Several research programs on the lagoon resources should be launched soon in order to make a statement on the biodiversity of the lagoon. Minister expressed his support for the project and expressed the government’s desire to preserve highly tourist areas, such as atoll Tetiaroa from any commercial fishing activity. He also mentioned the need to develop scientific literacy in French Polynesia, on the one hand, by introducing devices and technology to create research platforms and French Polynesia secondly, developing outreach programs and public awareness. 

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