Supreme Court Affirms $57 Million Jury Verdict for Home Care Workers

The Washington State Supreme Court has vindicated the rights of thousands of disabled Washingtonians and their caregivers. The Court upheld a jury verdict that the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) violated the implied duty of good faith and fair dealing in its contracts with some 22,000 individual workers who care for DSHS clients. The $57,000,000 judgment will help provide compensation to the caregivers that DSHS should have paid long ago. “It’s a major victory for the home health-care workers who were shortchanged by DSHS,” said John White of Livengood Alskog, PLLC, a lawyer for the caregivers. “They had a reasonable expectation that they were going to get paid for all the hours they worked.” The caregivers hope that DSHS will move quickly to pay the money it owes, as some of the families affected have been waiting for nearly a decade. See media coverage:

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