The Beauty of a Kenmore Rebuild – The de Havilland Beaver

As discussed in the Spring, 2019 issue of Lift WA Magazine, there were only 1,657 de Havilland Beaver planes built; the last one of which was manufactured in 1967.  Today, more than 50 years later, the Beavers’ long tradition of being the “go-to” plane for flying into remote mountain lakes, beaches, and even glaciers, continues.  Often, these planes carry boat parts, four wheelers, and just about everything else that is possible to fit into the “flying pickup.”

The Beavers remain a popular choice and workhorse of the skies decades after production in large part due to the outstanding restoration programs of Kenmore Air.  Kenmore, a Livengood Alskog client, has restored so many Beaver planes (more than 150 to date) that the Beavers are now proudly referred to as “Kenmore Beavers.”   One of such planes has undergone 55 separate restorations, and has accrued more than 43,000 flight hours.

Each Kenmore restoration is completed on a custom basis according to the needs of the client.  The restorations are typically extensive, involving stripping a plane to the bare airframe, assessing and fixing structural issues, fitting new skins, gutting the interiors, and adding new avionics.  With the exacting specifications of Kenmore’s restoration program, the planes are then delivered to customers in a nearly brand-new state, ready for many more years of flying.

We are proud to have had the opportunity work with Kenmore Air, and wish them continued success in their endeavors.

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